Building the Mafugi Nursery School

The building of the Mafugi Nursery School started at the end of May 2012

Maf01 after Maf02 after Maf04 after Maf05 after Maf06 after Maf07 after Maf08 after

The school will have a roof before the rainy season starts.
These pictures belowe were taken in June 2012

Maf14 after
Maf13 after
Maf12 after Maf11 after Maf10 after Maf09 after

September 2012: the school has a roof!
Maf16 after
And the roof has proven to be water proof (It was already thoroughly tested by the start of the rainy season)

Maf17 after
The tanks to store the waste water from the toilets were nearly finished.

Maf18 after
The sanitary block has 3 separate toilets according the law!

Maf19 after
The veranda keeps the heat out of the class rooms and shelters the cooking moms.

Maf20 after
The carpentry is also done: all classrooms have doors!

Maf21 after
To cut on expenses, we can use the water from the well from the neighbor.

Maf22 after
The school still needs painting, tiling, furnishing,…

Maf23 after
We already started to make the garden look nice to welcome 100 children in order to give them a good start in life very soon!

November 2012.
The desks are OK but we still need some paint for the walls and the blackboards…
Maf28 after Maf27 after Maf26 after

The play ground is growing,…
Maf25 after Maf24 after

The sanitary block is ready to use!
Maf29 after Maf30 after