Mafugi Nursery School (before)

This is the MAFUGI Nursery School in Brufut (Kombo North West Coast Region). It is a self supportive school with two qualified teachers with excellent references (Ousman Bojang and Fatou Sambou) They show extreme dedication to and love for their job. It is the only Nursery School in the neighborhood and there are 50 children on the waiting list. Ousman built it himself with the means available. TAPs wants to build a proper school before the rainy season starts.
maf02 before maf03 beforemaf09 before
They deserve better, don’t you think!

maf04 before
These are the cooking moms. For 5 Dalasis they can buy a healthy lunch. They pay 50 Dalasis school fees per month.

maf05 before
Just in case you might wonder what this is: it’s the toilet…

maf06 before
This is the land available to build on.

maf07 before
Also children with learning difficulties or a handicap are welcome here. This is not self-evident in the Gambia.

maf08 before
Left: Modou, the foreman that supervised the building of the FABALOUM Nursery School as well. Right: Ousman, the teacher.