Project Jammel

Jammel is a small village (60 inhabitants) about 60 kilometers from Podor (Poudor) in the North of Senegal.
The people are depending on their harvest and their cattle. During the rainy season (June – October) they farm mainly onions, ocra, casava and corn which they sell at the markets. The little profits they have go to transport, rice and fabrics. The village moves bit by bit: after every rainy season, people rebuild their huts next to old one; as they are made of mud and clay, they don`t last. In short enough time they will have to face a problem. Foreign multinationals are buying the land on which they live and farm. Unless there is a concrete building on it, the government can drive them away. In order to prevent this from happening, TAPs wants to build concrete houses as many as possible. Already one house has been built. To build a two room concrete house, it takes appr. 550 euro. In November, TAPs will visit Jammel again.
Up till recently, people could farm where ever they wanted. This is about to change in the near future. The scenario is similar: multinationals already started buying land. Unless the farmers can show proof of ownership, they will have to pay rent in order to continue farming. That will force them into the system of micro credits, which will put them in debts for the rest of their lifes. TAPs wants to buy enough land to support the village. Note: TAPs will not be the owner of the land: TAPs only provides the funds. TAPs already financed 1 farming field of 100 m2.
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Building concrete houses
Results of visit in December 2011: 2 rooms are ready. They have concrete flooring, corrugate roofing and solid brick stone walls. The finishing is to be expected before the next rainy season. The 2 rooms are occupied by 1 family. During the dry season the children share 1 room. During the rainy season, the parents and the children share 1 (bed)room because the other room will be used as kitchen. In order to provide more privacy in the future, a 3rd room will be built.